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The Arthur W. Page Society’s Learning Community is a strategic initiative that aims to develop the skills and abilities of Page Society members’ teams. For Page members, continuous learning and peer networking is an enduring priority. But it can be difficult for mid-level and more senior managers in the field to find an appropriate venue for sharing with others. The Learning Community benefits members by providing unique opportunities for their teams to build the skills and competencies necessary to take on the top communication job at global organizations

Through participation at events and online collaboration, Page members’ staff will learn from thought leaders in the communications profession on:

  • Leadership attributes and characteristics
  • Perspectives from chief communications officers
  • Strategies and tips for working with the C-suite
  • Skills needed for today’s communications leaders
  • Social media tools and techniques

For information about the program, please contact Dan Strouhal, Director – Professional Development and Communities, Arthur W. Page Society at or 212-400-7959 x102.

Nov 09 2012

Emerging Best Practices in Comms

The Arthur W. Page Society held a professional development...

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Mar 22 2012

Learning Community: “Leadership Amid Change”

Upwardly mobile communications professionals have many resources to...

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Sep 13 2011

Learning Community: “The Evolving Role of CCOs”

Never before have Chief Communications Officers (CCOs) been thrust...

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Apr 07 2011

Learning Community: Inaugural Session

  The Arthur W. Page Society held the inaugural meeting for the...

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